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08/02/2020 - 01:37:29 am
عيد ميلادي بالانجليزية للشاعرة اسماء طنوس

عيد ميلادي بالانجليزية للشاعرة اسماء طنوس 


It’s My Birthday

By: Asmaa Tannus / al-Makr

Translated from Arabic by: As'ad Musa Odeh


I fell into a deep sleep

Resting all night,

Always sleep well

And you shall be bright.


It’s a happy day,

It’s my birthday.

Birds are singing

Lambs are bleating.



Mom woke me with a kiss

Smiling with a big wish –,

To have a great birthday

Starting with her sweet kiss.


It’s your birthday my dear,

My angel, my fate.

The world will celebrate,

And the sun will rejuvenate.



I jump out of bed in excitement

Filled with glee,

And ask my friend

To come join me.


Today is the day

That I share with you,

Bring your gifts

I am waiting for you.




Mama brought the candles,

And made the greatest cake.

The house is all bright

With lights and candy-filled plates.



My dear Papa is here

With the best gift ever

“You all have fun, you hear?

May you live forever.”



We lit the candles

And sang our songs,

Dancing round and round

Holding hands, spellbound.


We had cake,

We smiled,

Gave lots of kisses,

With all sorts of good wishes.



Love is all around,

Pleasing gifts abound.

Papa holds me in the air,

Mama's smile bright and fair.



We’re all happy,

My sister as a princess

In a long silk dress,

White and soft and nice to caress.



We’re all happy

I am as a prince

In a bright white suit

Shiny and sparkling



I gave my friends their bags

Filled with candy of all kinds

I hugged them all, “Thank you”

“My loved ones are you.”


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